Give power to your data

We work on strategies and implementations of data measurement tailored to each client, integrating the online and offline environments, with the aim of helping to make better decisions in the short, medium and long term.

We seek to understand the different key components of the ecosystem of each client to be able to measure, visualize and extract knowledge that allows continuous improvement.

When implementing these improvements, we generate tests that allow us to know exactly how these changes perform.


We identified 6 key points that we apply to each client when they work with us: Audit, Implementation, Business Intelligence, Visualization and Reporting, Third Party Integrations and Consulting.


The first step is to analyze the existing measurements looking for possible problems in the correct measurement, in order to align the strategy with the marketing and commercial processes of the client. Face-to-face meetings are held to learn more about workflows, existing problems and bottlenecks. A report is elaborated which details all the possible improvement points of the implementation, together with the key performance indicators and the complete work plan from the implementation to the reports is detailed.


Based on the audit, we use the power of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to achieve optimal measurement of all data that is relevant to the customer, both operationally, commercially and marketing wise. We generate excel files that standardize the tagging of links according to the marketing strategy. We establish the correct organization of accounts and their filters, segments, objectives, conversions, custom dimensions and metrics, calculated metrics and integration with other Google products, among others.

Business Intelligence

Depending on the business model of each customer, it is possible that the default attribution models (Last Click, First Click, Linear, Time Decay, for example) are not really a good method to evaluate the performance of the marketing campaigns in the site conversions. We design improved attribution models, taking into account the characteristics of each client. To achieve this we use large-scale data processing tools, along with algorithms based on statistical methods to generate models that most accurately reflect the performance of marketing campaigns.

Visualization and Reporting

Once the implementation stage and Business Intelligence are finished, we work to make the data easily readable, analyzable and exportable by our customers. For them, we generate customized dashboards and alerts through Google Data Studio and Google Analytics that allow you to capture all key performance data quickly and interactively. These dashboards and alerts will be accessible by members designated by the client, who can use them to make strategic decisions that benefit the company.


In the event that the client requires it, we will work on the integration of third-party services that provide and extract information to and from Analytics. These third-party services can be telephone providers and IVRs, CRMs, internal systems, management and billing systems, as well as custom-made developments.


We work in a daily basis with our clients seeking to guarantee the updating of measurement methods as well as consulting on measurements that are useful: brand reputation evolution, marketing campaign modifications, updating of attribution models and Business Intelligence among others.

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